babyface [updated]

Had a few moment to take a 2nd look at this,  def not there yet, but I’m certainly enjoying the mudbox2009 experience so far.

4 Responses to “babyface [updated]”

  1. SUPER COOOL Model!!

  2. great stuff- how does zbrush compare to mudbox?

  3. mudbox – just load up your uv-ready quad based model and go – all very photoshop-esque, layers brushes etc. Whereas…zbrush – much more feature heavy – liking the look zsphere modelling and array of user mods / scripts out there. Interface seems like a pain (at first).

    mudbox wins overal I think, at least for the casual sculptor. has some great (free) tuts for both.

  4. Funny to think now that I was busy sculpting this head a fews hours before my lil’ boy arrived in this world.

    …doesn’t look anything like him tho.

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