storboarding tool

neat liltle windows based program to organise, display and annotate/sketch boards. Also has editing features (with simple transitions) and outputs to html

  • link to zip file
  • also script formatting, shot lists and a whole heap of other production related documents here also (pdf, .doc and excel templates)..

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    1. couple of other free tools that look interesting..

      SbookBuilder 10
      “SbookBuilder creates a standalone HTML viewer executable of a directory and all the html, image and sound files in it, with just a few button clicks. Frames support, zoomable print preview and printing of selected pages, custom start page, custom Icon and windows title, optional password protection, special print page-break tag; Cascading Style Sheet support. Optionally disable printing. Optionally include a custom sequence file in your Sbook so that users can flip the pages in the specified order. Ideal for Ebooks and pages without links; free text search with hit-highlighting. NEW: improved HTML and CSS support; demo-book; bug-fixes.”

      Diagrams 1.1
      “Diagrams is a program to draw diagrams. FEATURES: sticky shape connectors (single and multiple segment) ; custom shape data; printing with preview; predefined shapes for: Flow, UML, digital and process diagrams; user-defined shapes with visual shape designer; scripted html reports on custom shape data. NEW: gradient fills, curved connector, polygon shape, arc, arrow shapes; diagram explorer. ”

      deep paint 2D (natuarlistic drawing)

      easytoon (gif animtions)

      task coach
      “…a simple open source todo and time tracking manager”

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