hold tight!

..back very soon!

11 Responses to “hold tight!”

  1. come back MrBlake we need more inspiration!!

  2. Daan 'Breinmeester' Velsink Says:

    Hey man!

    I’ve been following your blog for a while to get the latest industry news I’ve somehow missed or to get inspired (or just as a distraction :-D). Please keep it coming!


  3. Yes, come back sir!

    Been following this blog, you have posted some great stuff here.



  4. Yes. More quick links please. Saves me the hassle of opening 20 tabs in firefox and browsing my daily sites in the morning 🙂

  5. I dig it….keep it coming.

  6. Daan 'Breinmeester' Velsink Says:

    Still not back? Where are you at man?

    Hope to see you return soon…

  7. COME BACK!!!…..Come Back……come back

    Such a great page Steve, you have to keep it going.

  8. yes please more please

  9. hey blake..
    wher r u..almost am waiting everyday 4 ur updates…hope u return soon n make my knowledge flourish…

  10. I keep waiting and waiting for more updates… please come back! There isn’t a more varied source of inspiration out there. We miss you!

  11. Oi. Get on with it…I know your house is a bombsite and you’re roof’s being fixed, but you can still plug in your computer, can’t you?

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