pencil test


cute little Apple II short from 1988

(John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton are credited on this)

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  1. here's a bit more about it from KEN TURKOWSKI:
    " I was the Technical Director, Galyn Susman was the Producer and Nancy Tague* was the Artistic Director. Galyn and Nancy worked with Andrew Stanton, Mark Lentczner and Steve Perlman to produce a story. I worked with John Peterson, Mark Cutter, Bruce Leak and 7 others to write a simple renderer, with Phong- and Gouraud-shaded texture-mapped anti-aliased polygons. Al Kossow and Mark Krueger and Steve Roskowski turned it into a network-based renderer, so we could have 30 machines cranking on it at once. Eighteen people from several Graphics groups produced models with Super3D. Julian Gomez, The author of the UNIX-based Twixt animation program, ported it to the Mac (calling it MacTwixt), exclusively for our use. The animation team (Galyn, Nancy, and Jack Palevich) had bit of coaching from Nancy’s husband, John Lasseter. The machines were running at 8 or 16 MHz, and most had 4 MB of RAM. We rendered all 5192 frames (several times) by the April deadline and it was accepted! On the opening night’s premiere showing at the coveted SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater, we were anxiously awaiting the showing of Pencil Test (try Googling it), and it finally came on! We were watching the reactions of the crowd, when all the sudden, the power went out. It was the worst thing that could ever happen! Luckily when the power came back on again, it started from the very beginning, and we were able to watch the whole thing uninterrupted. It was widely proclaimed as one of the best in the show. "

    *Nancy Tague (Lasseters wife) later became head of Apple Multimeda – strangely enough I managed to meet them both as a student back in 1989, where he was tutoring a masterclass I attended here in the UK – some of my work later being screened at a talk Nancy was giving.  🙂   Mr Blake

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